Les machines à sous

Slot machines are for many the most classic and easy to play game that can be found on an online casino like in a land based casino. However, one often forgets that if there are as many different kinds of slot machines, especially on online casinos it is that this game presents much more complexity than it seems. Also to each type of slot machine its game techniques and features to win the jackpot and avoid burning your budget at this fast paced game. Thus, we have developed this file for online slot machines so you can master the particulars of each one, and especially to put all the chances on your side to gain the maximum!

What is a slot machine

Jackpot cashSlot machines are the oldest and most popular game that can be found at the casino. For some, they represent a real addiction because what could be simpler than pressing a button in the hope of obtaining a sequence of identical signs and winning the jackpot?

However, it should not be forgotten that playing the slot machines on the internet requires, as with any game, a minimal knowledge of how the game works. What is a slot machine?

A slot machine, also called bandit slot or slots, is a machine with several rollers and on each roll a number of images some of which are identical. The aim of the basic game is to rotate the rolls in the hope of obtaining the rolls at a standstill, a sequence of at least 3 identical images. What could be simpler? No need to be a little genius to learn how to press a button! Yes, you are right ... a priori! Except that there is a very very great variety of slots and to each machine some characteristics of its own. You can find so-called classic slots, complex multi-reel slot machines, 3D slot machines, progressive slot machines (ie where the jackpot increases as the player bets). .

Extremely sophisticated design

Online casinos and software developers of slots have invested their efforts in recent years mainly on the visual and sound aspect of slot machines. Now it's all about finding yourself in front of a machine with rollers but each penguin bandit will take you into a world in its own right with designs all more advanced than the others. That's why many players choose their slot machine based on the visual appearance and not the characteristics of the slot machine, while the latter can make all the difference in your game and your winning chances.

The different characteristics of slot machines

Bet max.jpgThe Bet Max : This option, designed for seasoned players, allows you to bet a maximum (as the name indicates) on a specific line and thus to win a max in case of win.

Auto-spin : This option allows you to not have to click every 2 minutes to start and stop the machine but does the job for you. The only thing you have to do is to run the option and stop it and the Auto-Spin will bet for you on the different lines of the machine. Be careful, be careful because you can spend all your money if you do not know how to master it.

Here are the different features that you can find in the slot machine games on the French online casinos. You will have understood it is necessary before starting to play to review the rules of the game to play the slot machines.


Slot Machine PaymentsMoney money.jpg

It is obvious, as in any game, that the most important when playing online slot machines is the subject of payments. Be aware first of all that the slot machines on the internet are much more profitable than the slot machines of the land casinos. In order to play the slot machines as effectively as possible we advise you to find out about the payment lines and the redistribution rate of the chosen slots but also to try to understand a little more the principle of the redistribution rates of the various casinos .  

The different types of slot machines

The gambling halls of online casinos offer you a very wide range of slot machines. Here is a few lines of what you can find there.

1- Slot Machine Games with Single Gain Line

These are the first slot machines to have appeared are the 3-reel or classic slot machine games.

As their names indicate, they contain three scrolls with numbers, fruit or other classic slot machine symbol. The standard 3 roller machine gives you the option of betting up to three coins.

2- Multi-Line Slots Games

These contain more than one line of hunger and so you can bet on several lines. In general, these slot games offer 3 to 9 rolls and 50 betting lines. As you can see, these multi-line slots are more entertaining and entertaining than slot machines at a single payline.

You will soon discover the leading games of the multi-line slot machines: The Lord of the Rings of Microgaming, or even the Marvel games of Playtech. Featuring scatters, joker symbols, free spins, progressive jackpots and bonus rides, the multi-line slot games have become the most popular in online casinos in France.

3- Progressive slot machines

These slots have all the air of classic machines the only difference is that they allow to report big, very very big !! These slot machines operate on the Progressive Jackpot principle. How it works? The jackpot increases according to all the bets of the players on the same slot, and that does not matter what casino !!!

Find out all about video slots or 3D slots. Receive a slot machine bonus to enjoy the maximum casino bonuses online so you can play slot machine longer, and the more you bet the more chances you have of winning at the online slot machine.

Slot machines between chance and strategy

Slot machines are the casino game that attracts the most players. Novices as confirmed, young as well as young, all try their luck at least once at this famous game during each of their passage to the casino. All hope to hear the clicking or the music announcing the winning combination and the pactol pocketed. However, even if it is true that the major factor in this game is undeniably chance and chance, you will find that a good knowledge of the rules of the game of slot machines as well as the mastery of certain techniques of play are essential in order to Win the prize in this game. We will help you to choose your slot machine, understand the RNG system of slot machines, To adopt some basic strategies such as always select the maximum number of line so in case of winning combination you will be sure to receive a win! But still adjust the number of pieces per line according to your desires! As you adapt your bets to your winnings because the more you bet big the bigger the gains!

Betting on slot machines

Free Slot Machinesmachine a sous sur telephone

Often players are forced to download casino software packages to be able to enjoy the games, and often it is a brake. That's why slot machines without downloading are becoming more and more popular. All you need to do is enter the online casino flash version without downloading so you can enjoy the slot machine games. These games are also available from the Iphone, Blackberry or androids.